Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry christmas!

And have a happy new year! Guess what christmas celebration needs. Friends. We need friends. For daily activities, to work. To entertainment, to business. True friends help your needs, and is your walking companion. If you have troubles, he will help. If you have sorrow, he will cheer you up. Imagine the world if everyone is enemies, war, no peace. Friends make this not happen. With friends, you experience peace. Although, choose friends wisely. It may be that your "friend" only wants your money, or means harm to you. Bad friends cause bad influences, good friends cause good influences. I works vice versa, be a nice person, don't be a jerk.


S search. Search for everything you need, and want. Searching helps, i swear. SEARCH. SEARCH. search for friends, search for success, search for health, search for wealth, search for God.
E explore. Explore the world, to understand things. Explore the internet, its huge. Explore your school, you might find something interesting. Explore your office, search for anything new, or ask . Explore the world.
E experience. The reward for search and exploration. It helps in any situation, good or bad. Don't always stick to experience, try to S.E.E more.

The 3GS

3Gs- guts,grace,glory. This is the foundation for a working company. Guts- take the risk, don't doubt. Success will come if it is logical, and achieveable. Set the standard high, higher than expected. Grace- put elegenxe in your work, make it as beautiful as its function. People will buy for grace, and keep buying for performance. After all this, comes glory. The prize we get for guts and grace. Everything we get, or any kind of profit, is our glory. 3Gs- live with it, succeed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Communication- a part of life, nothing can co-operate if no communication is avaiable. Simple, yes, but neccesary. People always forget communicate, team work, is what makes us a succesful person. We don't remeber this action, they always wonder, why do I not succeed? I used all the laws, i self talked, i believe, why, just WHY do i didn't make it? It is possible this man lacked communication, much like a man who closed their eyes. He has legs, arms, but doesn't open his eyes, how will he reach the destination? Even a blind man can communicate, why can't we communicate with others. Ask, knock, and you shall recieve. Don't forget these words, they'll come in handy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Self control

Self control- everyone wants and needs this. Its a gift of God, he gave us our OWN free will to love or hate him. If he was to contol us, our love will not be real, as it was him who commands us. We need self control at all times, no matter the situation. At a fight, self control determinds who shall win, we can't go punching people at the face for no good reason. Self control avoids unneccesary fights. Self control brings peace, balance to our lives. Imagine the world with no self control, it will be chaos. Think about it.

a little about myself

Hahh... Time to talk about my favorite hobby-beyblade!(ベイブレード beiburedo) this toy is based on the original japanese top Beigoma. Beyblading is a strategic game, where everything about it matters, the combination, the launch technique, and so on. Their's science involved in this, fly wheel, centrigufal force, centre of gravity, weight distribution, etc. Every single one has a different design, and in total 1,156,897 and still growing different combos. And only 100 are good. Though, it has some side effects, such as my PKN studies are lowering. So yah, just play it normally and you'll be fine. + it made me kinda popular in puri mall as a frequent arriver. (i meet up with my friends every saturday night 7:00-10:00)

The balance

Too much of something is bad, too little of something is just as bad. Everything that we do must be balanced, playing and studying, working and relaxing. We must balance our emotions as well, hatred and care, sadness and happiness. The mind is the first priority to balance out, too much emotions will make us a crybaby( which i used to be), too much pysical action will make us a bully. We must be calm at times, but if we do this too long, we will be weak, and allow ourselfes to be harmed. Too much reaction, get ready for a fight. We must always apply this to every single subject, launguage, for example. If we frequetly use english, our bahasa is bad, if we use bahasa, guess what? Youre smart enough to figure it out. Once the balance is perfect, our lives shall be perfect. (this is unachievable because of the influence of the devil)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pursue your dreams

Pursueing your dreams-something that everyone wants to accomplish. The world is full of dreams, my dreams, your dreams. No one's dream is perfectly similar, its all different. Everyone has a dream of their own, don't think that someone will help you chase your dreams for nothing. A sacrifice requires a price to pay, nothing is free in this world. Imagining it, specifically, will help the unconsious slowly doing what you dream of, from having a car to going to outer space. The more you dream about, the harder you will work for it. The dream has to be specific, though. You dream about driving a car, then in reality, you're off driving a car in a machine. You have to feel owning it, being proud accomplishing the dream. Dreams are impossible to catch, its just really slow to progress. If i dream winning a soccer certificate since young, i won't a superstar the next day. I'll have to work hard, takimg months, years, decades before it will be accomplished. Just remember this: everyone only has one life, live it joyfully.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Going on in life

The past is something we all in one point dislike. Death, loss, regret, anything. One word. Go on. Forget the past, this is the present. It doesn't matter what happened then, it matters what happenes NOW. Get used to it, the world will be even more painfull then what it seems like. Thinking and rewinding all events is negative for the mind to function. Sorrowfull events bring a sad, upset, regretfull, thus in reality we are not focused. Positive events bring errogance, egotism, corrupting the mind in thinking that you are the best. The only good the past can bring is in learning, and to help encourage others. The world is going on quickly, but it doesn't matter, are YOU going on is the true question. Sitting there blank, thinking of the past makes almost any kind of focus hard. Upgrades in learning style, resetting schedule, endure the painfull world, getting used to the enviroment around, these are all ways to go on. Do it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When you feel sad...

Losing our family, the loss of something that we love, the result is a overflow of negative feelings, hindering our thinking, emotion, sometimes even health problems. Being sad is OK if it is personal, deep in our hearts, sometimes though, our body takes physical actions, leading to a large/small quantity of tears flowing. This results in a mixed feeling, sad, embaressed and angry at yourself for embaressing yourself. To overcome this is not simple, therefore requires extra caring.
Whenever feeling sad, try to reduce negative thinking, exchanging it to positive thoughts. It is better to reflect on the positives, then to sit around letting the negative flow around. At this stage, physical action is the best to cure the feeling, like jumping up and down. It lets the mind focus on the action, not the negativity encountered. The upmost cure though, is from the bible. It ensures God is watching over us, caring us, loving us. It can be reflected on a situation.
Imagine walking on the beach with Jesus, at happy times walking side by side. When sad, there is only a pair of footprints. We feel that when we most need Him we are alone, but no, the footprints indecate that He is carrying us, conforting us. Remember at times when sad, God is watchings us. He doesn't ignore you, He loves you. If we have a special someones that is lost, remember that he/she is in heaven watching after you. Don't forget, think positive

Monday, June 27, 2011

A little something dedicated to my teacher.

Losing a teacher-worst feeling ever. My english teacher, Mr.Ken has recently died from a heart attack, at june 23,2011. Sad day it was. Former leader of Sprinfield school P5, he was a great man. He survied from a car crash, avoiding death. He once went to join the military, quit so he can teach us about english. His intentions was really good, when we made mistakes he would make sure we will learn from it, and not just forget it. He was a man of disciplince, courage, something really rare from a teacher of age 64(I think). May God let him go to heaven, as he acomplished his job on earth. Rest in peace, Mr.Ken.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Winning formula- inspired by my new book

The real world- a world we will enter after the education world is really scary. Either you live rich, or live poor. At conditions like this kids need to learn starting at very young to fully understand the concepts of the real world. Students should not only learn educational things, but to learn about business. We have to try to experience the life of business. We have to learn to not only make a goal on how to achieve what we want, but the plan of how to get there. This is called the winning formula. It the the route of which we think is the best to get to where we want to be. For example, if i want to be a chef i wold help my mom cook, learn from her, decide when I'm older what type of food i want to cook, and do some research on how to cook. This way when we are already old enough for the job we know how to do the stuff we want to do. The winning formula, however, is the flow you want to take. For example, i would start being a small chef at a burger stall, then go to a fine dining and learn and learn until we become head chef, and have the ability to earn some fame, make my own restaurant, because of the fame i have i have a lot of customers, sell the restaurant and retire. That is a simple winning formula. And in inside each step may need another winning formula. There is a risk though, so be prepared with a plan be. For example i couldn't be a fine dining small chef, i would move to another plan, being a seller, or try another step, like instead of fine dining try something else, like being the chef of a sushi bar, something bigger than a burger stand to improve and when you have enough skill you try again. Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

the secret of learning, sam.v way.

Yo. Let me introduce you to my secret technique of learning. I good part of this learning is that it only takes about 15 minutes to study an entire lesson, which normally takes a looooooooooooong time. Another thing is, it can stay in your memory for quite some time, unlike the original style where it is study, sleep, forget. This technique is called mind mapping.

Mind mapping is basically read the text, and when you're finished, you take a piece of paper, and make some drawings and charts that relate to what you learn. When your finished, check the book to see if your chart is correct. For example, when learning about how electric circuits work, a example of what i have to learn, i would read the textbook, close it, and draw. I can about the symbols in the electric circuit, the types of circuits (parallel circuit and series circuit), the advantage and disadvantages of each circuit, and the factors that determine the effectiveness of the output device. Then I open the book, check, then on to the next lesson. By the time your mom comes and say, "have you studied yet?" you can show the papers in where you mind map and proudly say, "yes! And here is the proof." that how awesome this technique is.

After you finish your work, try to sum it up, and if you have, do some of the reviews in the workbook. It helps to refresh your mind, practicing what you have learnt. Just remember, when stressed, DO NOT continue studying. Feeling stressed out makes a disturbance for the mind. You will not have any focus, therefore no knowledge will be earned. If you feel like, AARGH MY MIND IS GONNA BLOW UP! Sit down, enjoy some TV and study again, it will relax your mind. 30 minutes is enough, and after the break continue studying. Make sure though, your mind won't be effected and be brain washed.
Thats it. Bye bye!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The not so awesome school

I read the book my mom gave to me. I was shocked, i learnt that SCHOOL can destroy a child's genius. So, to be true, there are many kinds of geniuses. Academic knowledge, sports, and emotional. I learnt that the emotional genius is the most important. Without emotional, how do we even present ourself? But school focused at only the child's academic knowledge. It means that the school's system of learning is mot prior to most students. In other words, in the real life i may be stupid. And those kids who is not so smart is smart at life. We must learn to maintain the emotional and academic knowledge. If we don't, we will be stupid at something. So stupid kids out there, don't worry about those exams. Even if you have no good academic talents you are a genius at something else!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New book i got

Just got a new book. :D its about how all kids are geniuses and rich. I was at first quite suspicious if the book is actually a good book to read, i mean, come on! Some of the students i met is not geniuses at all ( no offense to my school mates)! but then, i can finally understand that this book isn't all about genius like math, science, or stuff that relates to school, its about all different types of geniuses. According to the book there are verbal linguistic, numerical, spatial, physical,intrapersonal, interpersonal, and environmental. Basically smart by reading, smart in numbers, creative, sports, anyone who takes risks, one who talk easily with others, and those people who care about the environment. No wonder some of people are only good in sports( clement), brainy people, ( william winston), or basically some one who takes risks, (RJ). Just learnt how to measure IQ. Mental age/chronological age x100= IQ. Basically the smart level compared to average. For example, a ten year old with knowledge of a 12 year old is 120 IQ. (note this is only for verbal linguistic intelligence.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28/4/11 thursday.

Oh yeah! My team won the soccer game! Without our best striker! At first, we are,"ummmm... We're doomed!" we prayed hoping the fear will go away. Then at the final penalty kick the keeper just stands there. We won 2-1! I was so happy i bought 5 lollipops are handed it out to players.
At school at the morning we went to the chinese room to watch a movie. It was about 6 shaolin people gathering to win the international soccer game to promote kung fu and win the one million dollar prize. Thats all we know so far. The movie stopped halfway. We all groaned. Ah well. Recess time. Not so bad after all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday: 21/4/11

YAY! Tommorrow is a big holiday. :D well, today is just a regular party. Well no food on the potluck. We just have some games. Boring. No soccer practice. Next monday we will have a competition. Well, at least the prizes are delicious! Yum! Six pieces of candy!!! Today is also ibu kartini day! She's the woman who allows girls to go to school, and that deserves a holiday right? (no) well today i played beyblade with my friend kevin. He's good, but not as good as me! He keeps opening this embarresing photo of me. Hmm.... Might tell you guys about him, and another called RJ ( wisH i had that awesome name!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday.... 19/4/11

Tomorrow is another test. AAAH chinese test. Well someone in my class is bald. Only two cm of hair left. Quite embarrassed when my english teacher Mr. Ken know about my blog. I was like," NNNNOOOOOOO! But why?!" Wait, let me introduce my english teacher Mr. Ken. His full name is Ken Profock( yeah. Awesome name). He once had gone to the military, and has a stick for spanking my friends butt(RJ, Benedick). He likes spanking. Whenever he comes in the door he always say," let the spanking begin!" then my friend will come to him for some spanking, then ran.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the mind: last 45 minutes

The last 45 minutes- important to our lives.
You know about goals. You know about how to accomplish something confidently. You know about your fears and how to deal with them(if you don't know check out my previous article, FEAR). But there is one question for you," do you know how to put these in your mind and conscious?" knowing is not important if you don't know how to put it in your life. For example, a student learns about colors. But at art time, he uses black and white colors. Teaching the student colors have no effect to his social life, right? This applies to businessman too. You go to a seminar about making goals, you don't use the technique, and you waste your own money, unless you apply it to your plans. How do you deal with this problem?

Me, a 10 year old child is still listening to my mother for bedtime stories. Why? The last 45 minutes before i sleep is when i chat with my mom, about personal stuff I'm worried about or how to improve what i do. Actually, a business man can also do this to their advantage, telling themselves stories about what they done, then read books then fix a problem if there is one. This is really important, because the last 45 minutes we do are sucked 10 times more to our conscious than what we do the rest of the day. For example, if a man is watching the news at 11.00 p.m, and drools of at 11.45 p.m, his conscious sucks the news into the brain more than what he has done on his work, a meeting, a critical problem, lunch.... It will be remembered less than what he has watched at night, the news.
So, here's a challenge, before you sleep,try to evaluate what you've done correctly or wrongly, try to see if you can improve or fix the problem. For example, today you went to a meeting, but didn't listen. What will you do? You think. " well, since i have not listened, i don't understand the topic today. How do i fix it?i listen to what people have to say. How do i improve on my solution? I will add ideas to the main ideas." then you sleep. Your brain will start to think over what you have thought about and puts it to your conscious. On the next meeting, the conscious works than you will automatically remember what you have thought about than you do it. Your boss is then pleased by your improvement, and gives you a promotion,and a free vacation to hawaii for a single night. See how it will improve your life? Try it now!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't let rivals get you

Don't let rivals get you
Rivals are just about everywhere. At your neighborhood, school, office, and worldwide. Why do people have rivals? This is easy. They have rivals because they have the same achievement they want to achieve as you do, and see that you're on the same par, and decided to have a competition amongst you. Rivals of course want to be ahead of you, or you want to be ahead of your rival. Rivals don't just go and fro, when a new challenger appears the competition becomes bigger.

Yesterday night while going for dinner, all the restaurants are closed, on,y one restaurant remains open. For the restaurants that is this open restaurant rivals, don't you think that this restaurant get ahead of their rivals? Yes! Why? Because it has the advantage over the others. Think about it. Have you did something wrong that your rivals have come ahead?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A feeling of guilt of not doing as well as you think you did, feels bad, right? I've experienced it, so don't worry, because almost everyone is doing it. But the question is, when your doing something that is not as excellent as you think it will be, and in your thoughts it only achieved good, is it the same as doing great?

Doing good and doing great is a very different things. People who only do good will never improve, while great people tend to improve more. Why? Because great people are very competitive, and if they know that they have a competitor they will always have to improve in any way they can, so that their competitors will always be left behind. Imagine, would a racer who has a world record lose to some other guy? No! He will improve his engines, increase handling, anything to keep the others from beating him. Good people actually is pleased by what they have done, and refuse to improve, leaving his competitors to pass by him. So, what type are you?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


When we fail, we tend to feel depressed, right? So have I today. I entered an essay competition, praying i would win. At the end, i lost. In fact, no one in my school won. I got so depressed that i started kicking and punching stuff while screaming "WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE????!" this sets me bunkers and became so stupid i said," i quit! I don't want to join another competition! Why do i have to fail?! I curse you people!!!" i just cooled down when i realized what i've done.

I realized that, by saying so i have done self destruction, or simply discouraged myself. I killed all hope i have to win another competition, and i must gain back all the hope. I can't live without hope can I? Can you go up a mountain without mountain gear! No. The mountain in this example represents an event, and the mountain gear is hope, determination, trust, confidence, and encouragement. All these are really important. Without one the whole trip is wasted. I have realized i have not enough determination, but the others are complete, but the effect is humungous.

Secondly, do not be let don't by a single failure. I realized if i stop trying, my dreams will just die. We can't simply throw in the towel real quick, we can't stop trying. You fail, train hard. Train harder, and make sure all the elements is prepared, then, in religious terms, pray so God will help you, because through him everything is possible.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

FEAR my mom made me do it:p

Fear: the greatest enemy

Everybody in the world fails. And more than a half of them get depressed and then retreat from their dreams and goals. This is called FEAR. The power of FEAR is simply amazing. It destroys you. When you feel the power of FEAR, there is a huge felling of depression and discouragement. The world will be a better place to live without FEAR to stand in our way.
We humans have only two choices to deal with FEAR. One of them is to give up. You give up trying, give up your dreams and goals. You retreat to your comfort zone, no longer trying to reach the dream that you have once have. Or simply stand up again, take the risks and do it. The second choice is only made to people who are extremely successful, as they never back in. They will try their hardest, and if they fail, they try harder. No matter the risk, no matter the punishment, they will try their best. The question is, are YOU trying? Ask this every time you want to sleep. If you have succeed trying, tell yourself how to improve. If you fail, visualize the entire attempt, see the mistake, and then correct the mistake.
FEAR can appear in many different ways. Phobias, stage fright, self image FEAR, almost anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is caused by it. How do you avoid it? Build self confidence, or try to improve slowly, by the end you will have enough practice to avoid it. Best of all, say in your mind the magic words i can do it!!! This builds unbelievable powers of self confidence and knowledge. This few words can help you do better in every problem of FEAR. Stage fright, presentations, tests, you name it, it will definitely help you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's ok to be wrong

     Many people in this world make mistakes, and many freaked out when they found out they are wrong. Those people freak out because they thing they are right, and doesn't accept criticism. Actually, it's ok. Mistakes are sources that help us grow. It gives us an idea of what is wrong in our answer, responds, and situation. If mistakes are used correctly, it is an important source for our improving.
Learn to respect.
     In chinese, there is a saying,"没有朋友不会成功,有的时就会成功。( mei you peng you pu hui cheng gong, you de shi jiu hui cheng gong.)" this means that, " without friends cannot succeed, with friend can succeed." this mans that we have to respect each other. No one is perfect, so can't succeed alone. But, with a friend, you have a 95% chance to succeed. For example, a single finger can't take a marble out of a glass, but with two it will easily do it. Sometimes though, too much allies is a little too hard for you alone to handle. So, what do you do? Let your imagination go wild! You can create groups and check progress, make someone your assistant, anything that you believe will succeed. 

C'Mon..even learn from Comic

     Hi there, my name is Samuel Vedrik Tio, or Sam.V for short. I'm a fifth grader in Springfield. Most of the time, I get very good scores, and sometimes I only study for about thirty minutes. This is because i use an effective way to learn. It makes things really easy to understand. Come on, I'll share  you some steps.
      In every book you read, there are at least a piece of valuable piece of information. By reading, you will get a better understanding of the world, of your behavior, and an idea of what you will expect. For example, in a comic where the character is a mastermind criminal. By reading a comic like this, you can get a simple idea what criminals do. This is helpful, because you may want to be policeman, and since childhood you have an idea what you're up against. This can also be helpful to make your own comic, using this as an inspiration. Great, isn't it? A comic book can even help you learn!

     Paying attention is always a need for a smart mind. If you don't understand, just ask the teacher (NOT while he/she is still explaining) about it. Don't be shy, a curious mind is better than a blank one. Questions are important for learning. Asking yourself a question helps you understand the subject easier. For example, when still young, a child may ask, "why is 2+2=4?" the child may be thinking this: Lets see, if I have two apples, and dad gave me  two more apples, how many do i have? 1,2,3,4! So thats why 2+2=4!
Simple things like this always help us understand.