Saturday, October 1, 2011

The balance

Too much of something is bad, too little of something is just as bad. Everything that we do must be balanced, playing and studying, working and relaxing. We must balance our emotions as well, hatred and care, sadness and happiness. The mind is the first priority to balance out, too much emotions will make us a crybaby( which i used to be), too much pysical action will make us a bully. We must be calm at times, but if we do this too long, we will be weak, and allow ourselfes to be harmed. Too much reaction, get ready for a fight. We must always apply this to every single subject, launguage, for example. If we frequetly use english, our bahasa is bad, if we use bahasa, guess what? Youre smart enough to figure it out. Once the balance is perfect, our lives shall be perfect. (this is unachievable because of the influence of the devil)

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