Monday, May 23, 2011

the secret of learning, sam.v way.

Yo. Let me introduce you to my secret technique of learning. I good part of this learning is that it only takes about 15 minutes to study an entire lesson, which normally takes a looooooooooooong time. Another thing is, it can stay in your memory for quite some time, unlike the original style where it is study, sleep, forget. This technique is called mind mapping.

Mind mapping is basically read the text, and when you're finished, you take a piece of paper, and make some drawings and charts that relate to what you learn. When your finished, check the book to see if your chart is correct. For example, when learning about how electric circuits work, a example of what i have to learn, i would read the textbook, close it, and draw. I can about the symbols in the electric circuit, the types of circuits (parallel circuit and series circuit), the advantage and disadvantages of each circuit, and the factors that determine the effectiveness of the output device. Then I open the book, check, then on to the next lesson. By the time your mom comes and say, "have you studied yet?" you can show the papers in where you mind map and proudly say, "yes! And here is the proof." that how awesome this technique is.

After you finish your work, try to sum it up, and if you have, do some of the reviews in the workbook. It helps to refresh your mind, practicing what you have learnt. Just remember, when stressed, DO NOT continue studying. Feeling stressed out makes a disturbance for the mind. You will not have any focus, therefore no knowledge will be earned. If you feel like, AARGH MY MIND IS GONNA BLOW UP! Sit down, enjoy some TV and study again, it will relax your mind. 30 minutes is enough, and after the break continue studying. Make sure though, your mind won't be effected and be brain washed.
Thats it. Bye bye!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The not so awesome school

I read the book my mom gave to me. I was shocked, i learnt that SCHOOL can destroy a child's genius. So, to be true, there are many kinds of geniuses. Academic knowledge, sports, and emotional. I learnt that the emotional genius is the most important. Without emotional, how do we even present ourself? But school focused at only the child's academic knowledge. It means that the school's system of learning is mot prior to most students. In other words, in the real life i may be stupid. And those kids who is not so smart is smart at life. We must learn to maintain the emotional and academic knowledge. If we don't, we will be stupid at something. So stupid kids out there, don't worry about those exams. Even if you have no good academic talents you are a genius at something else!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New book i got

Just got a new book. :D its about how all kids are geniuses and rich. I was at first quite suspicious if the book is actually a good book to read, i mean, come on! Some of the students i met is not geniuses at all ( no offense to my school mates)! but then, i can finally understand that this book isn't all about genius like math, science, or stuff that relates to school, its about all different types of geniuses. According to the book there are verbal linguistic, numerical, spatial, physical,intrapersonal, interpersonal, and environmental. Basically smart by reading, smart in numbers, creative, sports, anyone who takes risks, one who talk easily with others, and those people who care about the environment. No wonder some of people are only good in sports( clement), brainy people, ( william winston), or basically some one who takes risks, (RJ). Just learnt how to measure IQ. Mental age/chronological age x100= IQ. Basically the smart level compared to average. For example, a ten year old with knowledge of a 12 year old is 120 IQ. (note this is only for verbal linguistic intelligence.)