Friday, August 26, 2011

Going on in life

The past is something we all in one point dislike. Death, loss, regret, anything. One word. Go on. Forget the past, this is the present. It doesn't matter what happened then, it matters what happenes NOW. Get used to it, the world will be even more painfull then what it seems like. Thinking and rewinding all events is negative for the mind to function. Sorrowfull events bring a sad, upset, regretfull, thus in reality we are not focused. Positive events bring errogance, egotism, corrupting the mind in thinking that you are the best. The only good the past can bring is in learning, and to help encourage others. The world is going on quickly, but it doesn't matter, are YOU going on is the true question. Sitting there blank, thinking of the past makes almost any kind of focus hard. Upgrades in learning style, resetting schedule, endure the painfull world, getting used to the enviroment around, these are all ways to go on. Do it.