Monday, April 18, 2011

the mind: last 45 minutes

The last 45 minutes- important to our lives.
You know about goals. You know about how to accomplish something confidently. You know about your fears and how to deal with them(if you don't know check out my previous article, FEAR). But there is one question for you," do you know how to put these in your mind and conscious?" knowing is not important if you don't know how to put it in your life. For example, a student learns about colors. But at art time, he uses black and white colors. Teaching the student colors have no effect to his social life, right? This applies to businessman too. You go to a seminar about making goals, you don't use the technique, and you waste your own money, unless you apply it to your plans. How do you deal with this problem?

Me, a 10 year old child is still listening to my mother for bedtime stories. Why? The last 45 minutes before i sleep is when i chat with my mom, about personal stuff I'm worried about or how to improve what i do. Actually, a business man can also do this to their advantage, telling themselves stories about what they done, then read books then fix a problem if there is one. This is really important, because the last 45 minutes we do are sucked 10 times more to our conscious than what we do the rest of the day. For example, if a man is watching the news at 11.00 p.m, and drools of at 11.45 p.m, his conscious sucks the news into the brain more than what he has done on his work, a meeting, a critical problem, lunch.... It will be remembered less than what he has watched at night, the news.
So, here's a challenge, before you sleep,try to evaluate what you've done correctly or wrongly, try to see if you can improve or fix the problem. For example, today you went to a meeting, but didn't listen. What will you do? You think. " well, since i have not listened, i don't understand the topic today. How do i fix it?i listen to what people have to say. How do i improve on my solution? I will add ideas to the main ideas." then you sleep. Your brain will start to think over what you have thought about and puts it to your conscious. On the next meeting, the conscious works than you will automatically remember what you have thought about than you do it. Your boss is then pleased by your improvement, and gives you a promotion,and a free vacation to hawaii for a single night. See how it will improve your life? Try it now!

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