Saturday, April 9, 2011


When we fail, we tend to feel depressed, right? So have I today. I entered an essay competition, praying i would win. At the end, i lost. In fact, no one in my school won. I got so depressed that i started kicking and punching stuff while screaming "WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE????!" this sets me bunkers and became so stupid i said," i quit! I don't want to join another competition! Why do i have to fail?! I curse you people!!!" i just cooled down when i realized what i've done.

I realized that, by saying so i have done self destruction, or simply discouraged myself. I killed all hope i have to win another competition, and i must gain back all the hope. I can't live without hope can I? Can you go up a mountain without mountain gear! No. The mountain in this example represents an event, and the mountain gear is hope, determination, trust, confidence, and encouragement. All these are really important. Without one the whole trip is wasted. I have realized i have not enough determination, but the others are complete, but the effect is humungous.

Secondly, do not be let don't by a single failure. I realized if i stop trying, my dreams will just die. We can't simply throw in the towel real quick, we can't stop trying. You fail, train hard. Train harder, and make sure all the elements is prepared, then, in religious terms, pray so God will help you, because through him everything is possible.


  1. Sam, this is very inspiring and honest, enjoyed very much your writing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi My Young Bro... :)
    Thank for your posting, It's really give me a lot of inspirations..

    Just try to encourage you.. keep fighting (Aja aja... korean style)

    Don't make a single failure ruin your life..

    A Single failure is one of the lesson to make us realize how imperfect we're and to make us become a better person in the future.

    Have a great day ahead... GBU