Friday, September 23, 2011

Pursue your dreams

Pursueing your dreams-something that everyone wants to accomplish. The world is full of dreams, my dreams, your dreams. No one's dream is perfectly similar, its all different. Everyone has a dream of their own, don't think that someone will help you chase your dreams for nothing. A sacrifice requires a price to pay, nothing is free in this world. Imagining it, specifically, will help the unconsious slowly doing what you dream of, from having a car to going to outer space. The more you dream about, the harder you will work for it. The dream has to be specific, though. You dream about driving a car, then in reality, you're off driving a car in a machine. You have to feel owning it, being proud accomplishing the dream. Dreams are impossible to catch, its just really slow to progress. If i dream winning a soccer certificate since young, i won't a superstar the next day. I'll have to work hard, takimg months, years, decades before it will be accomplished. Just remember this: everyone only has one life, live it joyfully.

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  1. Wow.. you always suprise me with your writing, hope all story you heard, all books your read, will be make you success. Hey.. be productive in wrting, share your ideas. Bravo Sam