Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28/4/11 thursday.

Oh yeah! My team won the soccer game! Without our best striker! At first, we are,"ummmm... We're doomed!" we prayed hoping the fear will go away. Then at the final penalty kick the keeper just stands there. We won 2-1! I was so happy i bought 5 lollipops are handed it out to players.
At school at the morning we went to the chinese room to watch a movie. It was about 6 shaolin people gathering to win the international soccer game to promote kung fu and win the one million dollar prize. Thats all we know so far. The movie stopped halfway. We all groaned. Ah well. Recess time. Not so bad after all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday: 21/4/11

YAY! Tommorrow is a big holiday. :D well, today is just a regular party. Well no food on the potluck. We just have some games. Boring. No soccer practice. Next monday we will have a competition. Well, at least the prizes are delicious! Yum! Six pieces of candy!!! Today is also ibu kartini day! She's the woman who allows girls to go to school, and that deserves a holiday right? (no) well today i played beyblade with my friend kevin. He's good, but not as good as me! He keeps opening this embarresing photo of me. Hmm.... Might tell you guys about him, and another called RJ ( wisH i had that awesome name!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday.... 19/4/11

Tomorrow is another test. AAAH chinese test. Well someone in my class is bald. Only two cm of hair left. Quite embarrassed when my english teacher Mr. Ken know about my blog. I was like," NNNNOOOOOOO! But why?!" Wait, let me introduce my english teacher Mr. Ken. His full name is Ken Profock( yeah. Awesome name). He once had gone to the military, and has a stick for spanking my friends butt(RJ, Benedick). He likes spanking. Whenever he comes in the door he always say," let the spanking begin!" then my friend will come to him for some spanking, then ran.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the mind: last 45 minutes

The last 45 minutes- important to our lives.
You know about goals. You know about how to accomplish something confidently. You know about your fears and how to deal with them(if you don't know check out my previous article, FEAR). But there is one question for you," do you know how to put these in your mind and conscious?" knowing is not important if you don't know how to put it in your life. For example, a student learns about colors. But at art time, he uses black and white colors. Teaching the student colors have no effect to his social life, right? This applies to businessman too. You go to a seminar about making goals, you don't use the technique, and you waste your own money, unless you apply it to your plans. How do you deal with this problem?

Me, a 10 year old child is still listening to my mother for bedtime stories. Why? The last 45 minutes before i sleep is when i chat with my mom, about personal stuff I'm worried about or how to improve what i do. Actually, a business man can also do this to their advantage, telling themselves stories about what they done, then read books then fix a problem if there is one. This is really important, because the last 45 minutes we do are sucked 10 times more to our conscious than what we do the rest of the day. For example, if a man is watching the news at 11.00 p.m, and drools of at 11.45 p.m, his conscious sucks the news into the brain more than what he has done on his work, a meeting, a critical problem, lunch.... It will be remembered less than what he has watched at night, the news.
So, here's a challenge, before you sleep,try to evaluate what you've done correctly or wrongly, try to see if you can improve or fix the problem. For example, today you went to a meeting, but didn't listen. What will you do? You think. " well, since i have not listened, i don't understand the topic today. How do i fix it?i listen to what people have to say. How do i improve on my solution? I will add ideas to the main ideas." then you sleep. Your brain will start to think over what you have thought about and puts it to your conscious. On the next meeting, the conscious works than you will automatically remember what you have thought about than you do it. Your boss is then pleased by your improvement, and gives you a promotion,and a free vacation to hawaii for a single night. See how it will improve your life? Try it now!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't let rivals get you

Don't let rivals get you
Rivals are just about everywhere. At your neighborhood, school, office, and worldwide. Why do people have rivals? This is easy. They have rivals because they have the same achievement they want to achieve as you do, and see that you're on the same par, and decided to have a competition amongst you. Rivals of course want to be ahead of you, or you want to be ahead of your rival. Rivals don't just go and fro, when a new challenger appears the competition becomes bigger.

Yesterday night while going for dinner, all the restaurants are closed, on,y one restaurant remains open. For the restaurants that is this open restaurant rivals, don't you think that this restaurant get ahead of their rivals? Yes! Why? Because it has the advantage over the others. Think about it. Have you did something wrong that your rivals have come ahead?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A feeling of guilt of not doing as well as you think you did, feels bad, right? I've experienced it, so don't worry, because almost everyone is doing it. But the question is, when your doing something that is not as excellent as you think it will be, and in your thoughts it only achieved good, is it the same as doing great?

Doing good and doing great is a very different things. People who only do good will never improve, while great people tend to improve more. Why? Because great people are very competitive, and if they know that they have a competitor they will always have to improve in any way they can, so that their competitors will always be left behind. Imagine, would a racer who has a world record lose to some other guy? No! He will improve his engines, increase handling, anything to keep the others from beating him. Good people actually is pleased by what they have done, and refuse to improve, leaving his competitors to pass by him. So, what type are you?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


When we fail, we tend to feel depressed, right? So have I today. I entered an essay competition, praying i would win. At the end, i lost. In fact, no one in my school won. I got so depressed that i started kicking and punching stuff while screaming "WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE????!" this sets me bunkers and became so stupid i said," i quit! I don't want to join another competition! Why do i have to fail?! I curse you people!!!" i just cooled down when i realized what i've done.

I realized that, by saying so i have done self destruction, or simply discouraged myself. I killed all hope i have to win another competition, and i must gain back all the hope. I can't live without hope can I? Can you go up a mountain without mountain gear! No. The mountain in this example represents an event, and the mountain gear is hope, determination, trust, confidence, and encouragement. All these are really important. Without one the whole trip is wasted. I have realized i have not enough determination, but the others are complete, but the effect is humungous.

Secondly, do not be let don't by a single failure. I realized if i stop trying, my dreams will just die. We can't simply throw in the towel real quick, we can't stop trying. You fail, train hard. Train harder, and make sure all the elements is prepared, then, in religious terms, pray so God will help you, because through him everything is possible.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

FEAR my mom made me do it:p

Fear: the greatest enemy

Everybody in the world fails. And more than a half of them get depressed and then retreat from their dreams and goals. This is called FEAR. The power of FEAR is simply amazing. It destroys you. When you feel the power of FEAR, there is a huge felling of depression and discouragement. The world will be a better place to live without FEAR to stand in our way.
We humans have only two choices to deal with FEAR. One of them is to give up. You give up trying, give up your dreams and goals. You retreat to your comfort zone, no longer trying to reach the dream that you have once have. Or simply stand up again, take the risks and do it. The second choice is only made to people who are extremely successful, as they never back in. They will try their hardest, and if they fail, they try harder. No matter the risk, no matter the punishment, they will try their best. The question is, are YOU trying? Ask this every time you want to sleep. If you have succeed trying, tell yourself how to improve. If you fail, visualize the entire attempt, see the mistake, and then correct the mistake.
FEAR can appear in many different ways. Phobias, stage fright, self image FEAR, almost anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is caused by it. How do you avoid it? Build self confidence, or try to improve slowly, by the end you will have enough practice to avoid it. Best of all, say in your mind the magic words i can do it!!! This builds unbelievable powers of self confidence and knowledge. This few words can help you do better in every problem of FEAR. Stage fright, presentations, tests, you name it, it will definitely help you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's ok to be wrong

     Many people in this world make mistakes, and many freaked out when they found out they are wrong. Those people freak out because they thing they are right, and doesn't accept criticism. Actually, it's ok. Mistakes are sources that help us grow. It gives us an idea of what is wrong in our answer, responds, and situation. If mistakes are used correctly, it is an important source for our improving.
Learn to respect.
     In chinese, there is a saying,"没有朋友不会成功,有的时就会成功。( mei you peng you pu hui cheng gong, you de shi jiu hui cheng gong.)" this means that, " without friends cannot succeed, with friend can succeed." this mans that we have to respect each other. No one is perfect, so can't succeed alone. But, with a friend, you have a 95% chance to succeed. For example, a single finger can't take a marble out of a glass, but with two it will easily do it. Sometimes though, too much allies is a little too hard for you alone to handle. So, what do you do? Let your imagination go wild! You can create groups and check progress, make someone your assistant, anything that you believe will succeed. 

C'Mon..even learn from Comic

     Hi there, my name is Samuel Vedrik Tio, or Sam.V for short. I'm a fifth grader in Springfield. Most of the time, I get very good scores, and sometimes I only study for about thirty minutes. This is because i use an effective way to learn. It makes things really easy to understand. Come on, I'll share  you some steps.
      In every book you read, there are at least a piece of valuable piece of information. By reading, you will get a better understanding of the world, of your behavior, and an idea of what you will expect. For example, in a comic where the character is a mastermind criminal. By reading a comic like this, you can get a simple idea what criminals do. This is helpful, because you may want to be policeman, and since childhood you have an idea what you're up against. This can also be helpful to make your own comic, using this as an inspiration. Great, isn't it? A comic book can even help you learn!

     Paying attention is always a need for a smart mind. If you don't understand, just ask the teacher (NOT while he/she is still explaining) about it. Don't be shy, a curious mind is better than a blank one. Questions are important for learning. Asking yourself a question helps you understand the subject easier. For example, when still young, a child may ask, "why is 2+2=4?" the child may be thinking this: Lets see, if I have two apples, and dad gave me  two more apples, how many do i have? 1,2,3,4! So thats why 2+2=4!
Simple things like this always help us understand.