Saturday, October 1, 2011

a little about myself

Hahh... Time to talk about my favorite hobby-beyblade!(ベイブレード beiburedo) this toy is based on the original japanese top Beigoma. Beyblading is a strategic game, where everything about it matters, the combination, the launch technique, and so on. Their's science involved in this, fly wheel, centrigufal force, centre of gravity, weight distribution, etc. Every single one has a different design, and in total 1,156,897 and still growing different combos. And only 100 are good. Though, it has some side effects, such as my PKN studies are lowering. So yah, just play it normally and you'll be fine. + it made me kinda popular in puri mall as a frequent arriver. (i meet up with my friends every saturday night 7:00-10:00)

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