Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The not so awesome school

I read the book my mom gave to me. I was shocked, i learnt that SCHOOL can destroy a child's genius. So, to be true, there are many kinds of geniuses. Academic knowledge, sports, and emotional. I learnt that the emotional genius is the most important. Without emotional, how do we even present ourself? But school focused at only the child's academic knowledge. It means that the school's system of learning is mot prior to most students. In other words, in the real life i may be stupid. And those kids who is not so smart is smart at life. We must learn to maintain the emotional and academic knowledge. If we don't, we will be stupid at something. So stupid kids out there, don't worry about those exams. Even if you have no good academic talents you are a genius at something else!


  1. Love your thoughts! Thats right Sam..every human has their own strength and weaknesses. But most of the time people judge the 'intelligent' part of our brain from the grades at school

  2. Sam, to get the ideas and messages of the book, you have to finished it