Friday, September 23, 2011

Pursue your dreams

Pursueing your dreams-something that everyone wants to accomplish. The world is full of dreams, my dreams, your dreams. No one's dream is perfectly similar, its all different. Everyone has a dream of their own, don't think that someone will help you chase your dreams for nothing. A sacrifice requires a price to pay, nothing is free in this world. Imagining it, specifically, will help the unconsious slowly doing what you dream of, from having a car to going to outer space. The more you dream about, the harder you will work for it. The dream has to be specific, though. You dream about driving a car, then in reality, you're off driving a car in a machine. You have to feel owning it, being proud accomplishing the dream. Dreams are impossible to catch, its just really slow to progress. If i dream winning a soccer certificate since young, i won't a superstar the next day. I'll have to work hard, takimg months, years, decades before it will be accomplished. Just remember this: everyone only has one life, live it joyfully.