Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry christmas!

And have a happy new year! Guess what christmas celebration needs. Friends. We need friends. For daily activities, to work. To entertainment, to business. True friends help your needs, and is your walking companion. If you have troubles, he will help. If you have sorrow, he will cheer you up. Imagine the world if everyone is enemies, war, no peace. Friends make this not happen. With friends, you experience peace. Although, choose friends wisely. It may be that your "friend" only wants your money, or means harm to you. Bad friends cause bad influences, good friends cause good influences. I works vice versa, be a nice person, don't be a jerk.


S search. Search for everything you need, and want. Searching helps, i swear. SEARCH. SEARCH. search for friends, search for success, search for health, search for wealth, search for God.
E explore. Explore the world, to understand things. Explore the internet, its huge. Explore your school, you might find something interesting. Explore your office, search for anything new, or ask . Explore the world.
E experience. The reward for search and exploration. It helps in any situation, good or bad. Don't always stick to experience, try to S.E.E more.

The 3GS

3Gs- guts,grace,glory. This is the foundation for a working company. Guts- take the risk, don't doubt. Success will come if it is logical, and achieveable. Set the standard high, higher than expected. Grace- put elegenxe in your work, make it as beautiful as its function. People will buy for grace, and keep buying for performance. After all this, comes glory. The prize we get for guts and grace. Everything we get, or any kind of profit, is our glory. 3Gs- live with it, succeed.