Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When you feel sad...

Losing our family, the loss of something that we love, the result is a overflow of negative feelings, hindering our thinking, emotion, sometimes even health problems. Being sad is OK if it is personal, deep in our hearts, sometimes though, our body takes physical actions, leading to a large/small quantity of tears flowing. This results in a mixed feeling, sad, embaressed and angry at yourself for embaressing yourself. To overcome this is not simple, therefore requires extra caring.
Whenever feeling sad, try to reduce negative thinking, exchanging it to positive thoughts. It is better to reflect on the positives, then to sit around letting the negative flow around. At this stage, physical action is the best to cure the feeling, like jumping up and down. It lets the mind focus on the action, not the negativity encountered. The upmost cure though, is from the bible. It ensures God is watching over us, caring us, loving us. It can be reflected on a situation.
Imagine walking on the beach with Jesus, at happy times walking side by side. When sad, there is only a pair of footprints. We feel that when we most need Him we are alone, but no, the footprints indecate that He is carrying us, conforting us. Remember at times when sad, God is watchings us. He doesn't ignore you, He loves you. If we have a special someones that is lost, remember that he/she is in heaven watching after you. Don't forget, think positive

Monday, June 27, 2011

A little something dedicated to my teacher.

Losing a teacher-worst feeling ever. My english teacher, Mr.Ken has recently died from a heart attack, at june 23,2011. Sad day it was. Former leader of Sprinfield school P5, he was a great man. He survied from a car crash, avoiding death. He once went to join the military, quit so he can teach us about english. His intentions was really good, when we made mistakes he would make sure we will learn from it, and not just forget it. He was a man of disciplince, courage, something really rare from a teacher of age 64(I think). May God let him go to heaven, as he acomplished his job on earth. Rest in peace, Mr.Ken.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Winning formula- inspired by my new book

The real world- a world we will enter after the education world is really scary. Either you live rich, or live poor. At conditions like this kids need to learn starting at very young to fully understand the concepts of the real world. Students should not only learn educational things, but to learn about business. We have to try to experience the life of business. We have to learn to not only make a goal on how to achieve what we want, but the plan of how to get there. This is called the winning formula. It the the route of which we think is the best to get to where we want to be. For example, if i want to be a chef i wold help my mom cook, learn from her, decide when I'm older what type of food i want to cook, and do some research on how to cook. This way when we are already old enough for the job we know how to do the stuff we want to do. The winning formula, however, is the flow you want to take. For example, i would start being a small chef at a burger stall, then go to a fine dining and learn and learn until we become head chef, and have the ability to earn some fame, make my own restaurant, because of the fame i have i have a lot of customers, sell the restaurant and retire. That is a simple winning formula. And in inside each step may need another winning formula. There is a risk though, so be prepared with a plan be. For example i couldn't be a fine dining small chef, i would move to another plan, being a seller, or try another step, like instead of fine dining try something else, like being the chef of a sushi bar, something bigger than a burger stand to improve and when you have enough skill you try again. Thanks for reading! :)