Wednesday, April 6, 2011

C'Mon..even learn from Comic

     Hi there, my name is Samuel Vedrik Tio, or Sam.V for short. I'm a fifth grader in Springfield. Most of the time, I get very good scores, and sometimes I only study for about thirty minutes. This is because i use an effective way to learn. It makes things really easy to understand. Come on, I'll share  you some steps.
      In every book you read, there are at least a piece of valuable piece of information. By reading, you will get a better understanding of the world, of your behavior, and an idea of what you will expect. For example, in a comic where the character is a mastermind criminal. By reading a comic like this, you can get a simple idea what criminals do. This is helpful, because you may want to be policeman, and since childhood you have an idea what you're up against. This can also be helpful to make your own comic, using this as an inspiration. Great, isn't it? A comic book can even help you learn!

     Paying attention is always a need for a smart mind. If you don't understand, just ask the teacher (NOT while he/she is still explaining) about it. Don't be shy, a curious mind is better than a blank one. Questions are important for learning. Asking yourself a question helps you understand the subject easier. For example, when still young, a child may ask, "why is 2+2=4?" the child may be thinking this: Lets see, if I have two apples, and dad gave me  two more apples, how many do i have? 1,2,3,4! So thats why 2+2=4!
Simple things like this always help us understand.

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