Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's ok to be wrong

     Many people in this world make mistakes, and many freaked out when they found out they are wrong. Those people freak out because they thing they are right, and doesn't accept criticism. Actually, it's ok. Mistakes are sources that help us grow. It gives us an idea of what is wrong in our answer, responds, and situation. If mistakes are used correctly, it is an important source for our improving.
Learn to respect.
     In chinese, there is a saying,"没有朋友不会成功,有的时就会成功。( mei you peng you pu hui cheng gong, you de shi jiu hui cheng gong.)" this means that, " without friends cannot succeed, with friend can succeed." this mans that we have to respect each other. No one is perfect, so can't succeed alone. But, with a friend, you have a 95% chance to succeed. For example, a single finger can't take a marble out of a glass, but with two it will easily do it. Sometimes though, too much allies is a little too hard for you alone to handle. So, what do you do? Let your imagination go wild! You can create groups and check progress, make someone your assistant, anything that you believe will succeed. 

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