Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't let rivals get you

Don't let rivals get you
Rivals are just about everywhere. At your neighborhood, school, office, and worldwide. Why do people have rivals? This is easy. They have rivals because they have the same achievement they want to achieve as you do, and see that you're on the same par, and decided to have a competition amongst you. Rivals of course want to be ahead of you, or you want to be ahead of your rival. Rivals don't just go and fro, when a new challenger appears the competition becomes bigger.

Yesterday night while going for dinner, all the restaurants are closed, on,y one restaurant remains open. For the restaurants that is this open restaurant rivals, don't you think that this restaurant get ahead of their rivals? Yes! Why? Because it has the advantage over the others. Think about it. Have you did something wrong that your rivals have come ahead?

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