Thursday, April 7, 2011

FEAR my mom made me do it:p

Fear: the greatest enemy

Everybody in the world fails. And more than a half of them get depressed and then retreat from their dreams and goals. This is called FEAR. The power of FEAR is simply amazing. It destroys you. When you feel the power of FEAR, there is a huge felling of depression and discouragement. The world will be a better place to live without FEAR to stand in our way.
We humans have only two choices to deal with FEAR. One of them is to give up. You give up trying, give up your dreams and goals. You retreat to your comfort zone, no longer trying to reach the dream that you have once have. Or simply stand up again, take the risks and do it. The second choice is only made to people who are extremely successful, as they never back in. They will try their hardest, and if they fail, they try harder. No matter the risk, no matter the punishment, they will try their best. The question is, are YOU trying? Ask this every time you want to sleep. If you have succeed trying, tell yourself how to improve. If you fail, visualize the entire attempt, see the mistake, and then correct the mistake.
FEAR can appear in many different ways. Phobias, stage fright, self image FEAR, almost anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is caused by it. How do you avoid it? Build self confidence, or try to improve slowly, by the end you will have enough practice to avoid it. Best of all, say in your mind the magic words i can do it!!! This builds unbelievable powers of self confidence and knowledge. This few words can help you do better in every problem of FEAR. Stage fright, presentations, tests, you name it, it will definitely help you.

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