Monday, May 2, 2011

New book i got

Just got a new book. :D its about how all kids are geniuses and rich. I was at first quite suspicious if the book is actually a good book to read, i mean, come on! Some of the students i met is not geniuses at all ( no offense to my school mates)! but then, i can finally understand that this book isn't all about genius like math, science, or stuff that relates to school, its about all different types of geniuses. According to the book there are verbal linguistic, numerical, spatial, physical,intrapersonal, interpersonal, and environmental. Basically smart by reading, smart in numbers, creative, sports, anyone who takes risks, one who talk easily with others, and those people who care about the environment. No wonder some of people are only good in sports( clement), brainy people, ( william winston), or basically some one who takes risks, (RJ). Just learnt how to measure IQ. Mental age/chronological age x100= IQ. Basically the smart level compared to average. For example, a ten year old with knowledge of a 12 year old is 120 IQ. (note this is only for verbal linguistic intelligence.)