Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When you feel sad...

Losing our family, the loss of something that we love, the result is a overflow of negative feelings, hindering our thinking, emotion, sometimes even health problems. Being sad is OK if it is personal, deep in our hearts, sometimes though, our body takes physical actions, leading to a large/small quantity of tears flowing. This results in a mixed feeling, sad, embaressed and angry at yourself for embaressing yourself. To overcome this is not simple, therefore requires extra caring.
Whenever feeling sad, try to reduce negative thinking, exchanging it to positive thoughts. It is better to reflect on the positives, then to sit around letting the negative flow around. At this stage, physical action is the best to cure the feeling, like jumping up and down. It lets the mind focus on the action, not the negativity encountered. The upmost cure though, is from the bible. It ensures God is watching over us, caring us, loving us. It can be reflected on a situation.
Imagine walking on the beach with Jesus, at happy times walking side by side. When sad, there is only a pair of footprints. We feel that when we most need Him we are alone, but no, the footprints indecate that He is carrying us, conforting us. Remember at times when sad, God is watchings us. He doesn't ignore you, He loves you. If we have a special someones that is lost, remember that he/she is in heaven watching after you. Don't forget, think positive

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