Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Tale of Slender Man

As the night falls, armed only with my conscious, I began to sleep. As I closed my eyes, images of him flashed. I woke up on horror. I must be insane, I began. That man is no more than my imagination. There is no way he is real. My eye started to shut, and soon I found myself deep in slumber. Then he appeared again. Once again I woke up in pure shock and horror. There is no denying it now. He is here, my nightmares, my death.
All my courage is now drained to emptiness. I shrugged with fear. I saw a fire torch nearby. I ran towards the light, pure instinct for survival. The natives were at first hunting, but as soon as they saw me, they ran back to their villages, hoping of my safety. They were curios, how did I survive two hours on the woods? They explained, in perfect detail, the myths and storied behind the forrest. Myths of vanishing children as they played in the woods. They saw his face for a glimpse, a face of pure white and plain horror. A face with no features, or any specific detail. A long, slender body with 8 mystifying tentacles. They also described his polite suit. Deceiving suit and a tie. Faceless. Tentacles. Slender. He matches my nightmares.
I soon decided to stay at the Caribbean, and soon retired early, leaving myself a great reputation. I got married and had children. I forgot everything about him. Then news came that my youngest and only son disappeared, vanished from thin air. I inquired in great fury and desperateness where he was last seen. In the woods. The forrest of my crash. I stepped back, terrified of what he did my son.
The neighbors recommend I forget him, it is too dangerous to travel alone on that woods. He cannot be stopped, they say. Hah! See if I care! I will do anything for my son!
I prepared a backpack stuffed with food and drinking water, and a portable tank. I started looking for people who wanted to accompany me. Only 5 applied. My neighbors said that this expedition is not hard. It is impossible. They blessed us with luck, and off we go in our small blue truck.
The road disappeared in a while. The engine stalled, and we are forced to go by foot. I flashed my torchlight, and so did my five trusty companions. But when I saw the shines of the torches, I noticed something wrong. There are only four spots of light behind me. The fifth was gone. His best friend seemed worried, and started to weep. We all did, and just prayed. Followed by a huge scream.
Jonathan saw him. The man, he saw him! "Behind the trees.", he said. The others checked, he wasn't there. We thought he was insane, then when we faced forwards, 25 feet away, the man stood there. We ran like hell, his omnipresence constantly haunting us with his heavy footsteps. Just as we thought we were safe, person 3 was gone. And so was my fourth partner. 3 people vanished, or dead, in a matter of few minutes. How can the rest of us survive? How can we manage?

Do you like it? Any suggestions? Ideas? I'm open minded!

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