Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Start

  After reflecting and getting motivation, I have decided to write something down. "Something Sam. Something. You said you wanted your fire to keep burning", The Lord whispered in my heart. It hit me quite hard, hearing those words.

  Fire? What fire?

  No, it is not the fire you see above a candle, nor the destructive element of nature that devours, and emits large amounts of heat. Not that. Those are far less superior than the fire The Lord asked me to keep burning.
  It is the fire of your heart. The passion and love to The Lord God our Maker. The very 'thing' that keeps you going "wow!" every time you go out and meet Him. The fuel of our praises. The heat that warms our cold heart. That fire.

And I have lost it.

I promised to keep it burning, to feed it wood that will be everlasting. To care and nourish that fire so that it will never extinguish.

And I failed.

The wood has turned to ash, and only very little was left of it. But even very little was enough, and The Lord reminded me to keep it burning.

How did I know of the fire? I'll continue, tomorrow.

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