Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Think different

I had just finished the biography of steve jobs, and it was full of inspiration,mand a sense of awe. His method of work is motly unaccepted by many, his closed procedure, but with his special abilitiy the 'reality distortion field', a blinkless stare, which can cause even the most doubtful person achieve the impossible. He used this special ability to create the macintosh, pixar, imac, the ipod, the iphone, many more generations that was deemed impossible. Even the device i am using right now, was part of his ingenious ideas, an answer to microsoft's predicted tablet with a stylus. His temper is insane, if you have no tolerence to anger whatsoever, you will leave the room in within a minute. There are only two things that Steve jobs use to describe objects, either its fantastic or its shi*. The annoying part, which most people cannot handle is the fact that if he dismissed your idea as crap, then two weeks later he would appear and say,"hey i have an idea" and it was all yours. Staff that can cooperate with this kind of temper always act if they are his ideas. He fired people who can't reach his standards. His approach is seeing his staff as a football team. You have A players, B players and C players. Steve only accepts A players, in fact, after he went back in to apple, he fired most of the company. One thing that really was stuck in my mind was, when the staff were discussing the new product, then suddenly Steve jobs just stood up, and asked,"Why is apple down right now?" a few answers are given, then he shouted," because it SUCKS!!!" that silenced the entire staff. He drew a chart on the white board, with four squares on it, forming a larger square. Then he wrote four main personalities of a what a computer should be, and said, "Focus on these four, cancel he rest!" It took apple very high. We must all use what he has done to the universe, creating a giant ripple in the universe.

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